Sunday, February 19, 2012

My birthday!!

Happy Birthday to me!!

Born 2/18

One of the best things about my job is that it gave me the opportunity to work for, which is now one of my favorite companies to work for. Usually though because I do so much mainstream porn as well as BDSM, it means that I must enforce a strict "no marks" policy. People just don't want to shoot a girl covered in bruises. Unless of course you're into that sort of thing ^_~

However as a little birthday treat, my agent Mark Spiegler gave me some days off specifically so that I could run away to my Master on The Upper Floor and have the living daylights beat out of me. This is something that I requested myself because I wanted to see how far I could push my body, and I love suffering for my Master! <3

Daddy & i

What's also pretty neat is that this was all filmed LIVE on the upper floor, so you guys can all watch as well!!

I love my marks.


I love watching how they heal and change colors … from black to purple, green & red. I love wearing them on my body like little badges of honor in the same way a girl scout would be proud to show off her hard earned badges. I suffered well and I ended my night on a complete high! It was truly the best birthday that I can remember having for a very very long time. I was so overwhelmed with intense emotion that all I wanted to do at the end was cry in my Masters lap.. in a good way! I couldn't be more thankful for how the night turned out.

Unfortunately though, as much as I love them, they have got to go! I can't be showing up to shoots looking like a dalmation after all….

Here are some tips for getting rid of bruises FAST:

Use plenty of arnica!! Arnica can be found in either a cream or gel, and it can also be taken orally. I like using a mixture of the two (oral & topical)


I also like to use Chinese Woodlock oil, which is traditionally used for muscle aches and blood circulation problems, but I find that it also works amazingly at making bruises magically disappear! A mixture of all of these several times a day is enough to make those beautiful marks vanish, and relatively quickly… unfortunately.

Now it is time to relax! Tomorrow I'm having a little birthday dinner with some of my closest friends! I like birthdays to be a very intimate affair so that I can give everyone my fullest attention. I'm very excited because after I make dinner for all my loved ones I'm going to dress up in this….

Fok jalle naaiers
My gloomy bear kigurumi

… and paint my face with blood (fake) and turn into a crazy animal until the wee hours of the morning! I'm very excited!!! I have all this time off while I heal so I'm using it to the fullest extent that I can! I think I will also get myself some new furry additions to my dirty cottage as a present to myself and I'm also going to go see one of my favorite bands ever, Die Antwoord! It will be the perfect birthday week!

Now I'm off to go steam an artichoke and dip it in melted garlic butter. All for me!!! Buhahahahaha!!!! IT'S MY MUTHA-FUCKIN BIRTHDAY WEEK BITCHEZ!!!


I added lemon, crushed whole garlic cloves and some salt to the water to add flavor as it steams! Yummerz!!!

Until next time my kittlings <3

- Miss Diamond xoxo


  1. Don't like the marks, hope you don't choose to do that again.

  2. Cannot put into words how much I love you.
    I love any woman who knows what she wants - and goes out and gets it!


    Drea xo

  3. Happy Birthday from Holland,Miss Beautyful Diamond.

  4. Happy Birthday, fellow Aquarian! A bit late, but I just learned of you and your styles. Respect! Good luck with the healing.

  5. Haaa dope artwork on your kigurumi. That was legit. Wish I could have done that to my friend's for this Halloween music fest.

  6. Hi Gorgeous,i'm from Scotland too n luv my pussy cat. If your ever back in scotland how about a drink?

  7. Beautiful marks, I love them too and they make me proud! You got yourself a new fan, I saw you in a video with your Master The Pope and loved you! =)... im sorry if my english is not good, my language is spanish. Greetings from a submissive, smart, strong, masochist and cat lover girl like you... purrr

  8. Skin Diamond I send you 13Love. Make sure to get back to Nature. Love Mother Nature. 13 13 13. 13Love to you and your Family.

  9. Never knew your b-day was 2 days after mine. Glad you enjoyed.