Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mi casa

Photography: Van Styles

I love my new flat.

It's like living in a little cottage in the middle of the city. Which has secretly always been my dream place to live. Think of the teachers house in the movie "Matilda"... That's it!!

Moving day!!

Yeah, I know. Not very badass. I believe that people think I'm a lot meaner than I am in real life because that's the look I embody. It's my "character". And although I do have a very dark & twisted sense of humor with a love for violence, I'm actually pretty down to earth and extremely awkward.

The realization that people might think I'm "mean" or aloof has been floating to the surface more and more these days through the questions that I'm asked in interviews and by hearing the things that people say about me.

I think this is why……

When I was a teenager and lived in the darkest depths of ned-ville Scotland, I used to get A LOT of shit.

I was made fun of for being american.

For having bushy hair.

For having a fuller ass.

For being a geeky little jesus-camp-nobody.

So of course I finally cracked and went a little crazy and turned to the gods of metal. During this transition I became your average angst filled teenager (as one does) and would try and look as mean and weird as humanly possible.

Age 15

This in turn worked in my favor and people stopped messing with me as much. It got to the point where people would actually avoid fighting with me.

The technique I achieved is similar to when animals make themselves bright colors that scream "Danger! I'm poisonous!" but really they wouldn't do a damn thing. That's me. I'm a big ol' softy.

Tic & Tac chillin' out

If someone pisses me off I would much rather simply cut them out of my life and pretend they don't exist than to start a fight. Which I think is actually a lot more annoying to people. Especially people that feed off of drama.

LA is unfortunately filled with people like this so I've been finding myself hiding away inside of my cottage for lengths at a time. I don't even have to worry about getting lonely because my little nest is haunted and I've made friends with the ghost. He/she is the best room mate ever. Always listening, yet never interfering. Except for sometimes making the lights flicker for no reason. But I think that's just it's way of trying to get my attention.

I honestly think that's the only reason why ghosts will sometimes cause such a ruckus. I mean, I would get pretty annoyed too if I kept trying to say hello to a "fleshy" and they just ignored me all the time. "I'm trying to say hello you rude fuck!!"

I'm getting waaaay off track here….

Anyway!… Here are some snaps from around my little cottage in the city!

I love having fresh flowers in my house at all times

My bathroom

Breakfast is my favorite meal ever! (PB&J french toast and maple smoked bacon)

Kinda obsessed with baths...

The view from my bed

My "girl corner"

Some of what you will find in my naughty drawer... >=)

- Miss Diamond xoxo


  1. In the "The view from my bed" picture is that a photo affect or does your door have a smokey look to it?

  2. i read this on a off chance from my twitter link, and i like what i read, it gives me a really honest insight of who you are and in my head a snap shot of the way your life has moulded you to the person you have become, things happen for a reason and as life unwinds the more of the bigger picture you see, but your right about when the lights flickering, thats a way of spirit getting your attention, the same way if you sat in a room with all windows closed and light a candle then focus on the flame, you will see it flicker if spirit is present, you can also call upon a family member who have passed to spirit, usually the candle will flicker as a confirmation when that persons on your mind, and you can ask questions only like yes or no answers tho, e.g. flicker for yes and stay still for no, you would have to have a reading if you really wanted to contact past spirits, which I've learnt a lot about neway I'm rambling on...thank you for the post.