Friday, September 30, 2011

Deeper down that perverted rabbit hole....

It's been a while! Not anymore! From now on expect at least a weekly update from me. Life just took hold and wouldn't let me go for a while. What a dick.


Today I would like to discuss my recent collaring and the long trip down the rabbit hole into my full time submission to my Master. Many would be intimidated by this concept, and I wouldn't blame them, given the wild goose chase our society has led us to believe about the S&M world. In reality, this is one of the most important things I have ever done in my life.

For me, submission balances me and keeps me sane. Think of it as my shrink. It enables me to process the shittiness that sometimes comes in life in a healthy and more importantly FUN way!! When I suffer through intense bondage and punishment, it opens me up to experience that inner pain I'm already feeling in a physical way, and once it's over and my Daddy holds me and tells me what a good girl i am, i feel release. It's AMAZING!!!
It's especially great because as you may have noticed from the scars that my body is riddled with... I used to self harm. Self harming is a touchy subject and although I'm not going to go into why I did it exactly, I will tell you how it made me feel. Basically... exactly the above. It made me feels like the hurt on the inside that was dying to come out, was able to surface. Obviously this is not a good thing to do to yourself. Permanent reminders of suffering are never a fun thing. However.... BDSM has this same effect on me, yet it is done in a positive way and is much more healthy, and less self destructive. And again.... FUN!

My collaring has had such a great effect on me. Because it is in my nature to please regardless of the situation, I get great satisfaction knowing my Master is happy because of something I did for Him. And having a constant Dominant in my life has grounded me in such a large way.. I feel as if I'm finally able to cope with distressing events, because he allows me to.

Now, i am proud slave to The Pope.. and He is very good at keeping me in line.... =P


At my collaring ceremony having my Masters crest tattooed on my ankle to symbolize my devotion to Him.

The tattoo...

It is difficult being the full-time submissive slave to someone who lives so far away from me, i in LA.. He in SF. But that doesn't mean He doesn't have a tight leash on me! One of the many things i do for Him is to send a constant stream of dirty pictures. Here is one of those of myself sporting my collar!


This past weekend i was in SF for Folsom Fair with Daddy & my girlfriend! It was definitely an experience to be beaten and humiliated in front on literally hundreds of bystanders! I think I may have enjoyed myself a little too much >=P



And the great thing is that you have the chance to see what debauchery we all got up to! All on -> The Upper Floor<-...

Hanging out with some of the other slave girls.... Krysta Khaos, Asphyxia Noir & Iona Grace.

For some further examples of D/s relations I recommend watching the movie "Secretary" and reading "Story of O".... two of my favorite things ever!!!

Have fun kittlings....

- Ms. Diamond xo


  1. Love the pic of you and the other girl in front of the crowd...thats hot.You know how to have fun with your sexuality I love your stuff Im a Skin Diamond fan for sure! keep doing what your doing.

  2. First of all, great that you're going to be doing weekly updates, I'll be sure to check back. Also, thanks for talking about why you're into BDSM, I've never understood but I get why you do it now. Just keep being awesome and keep the good shit coming! Always a fan.

  3. this was so inspiring Skin! I love reading your blog and refreshing the page to find if you made a new entry or not. I am learning so much about the world of BDSM..and I"m so happy to learn it from the personal experiences you go through...I do hope to move to LA one'd be a dream to meet you...until then..cheers!

  4. Boy, that tattoo looks like it'll hurt when you have it lasered off.

    You acknowledge that you're substituting BDSM for self-harm. You recognize that self-harm is a bad thing. Yet you don't seem to want to correct the source of those feelings that make you want to hurt yourself; instead you simply substitute one form of self-harm for another, less physically scarring, form. That doesn't make sense.

  5. I understand your feelings, and I understand why you do this, but I don't think you understand what you are doing to our society. Our society has made everyone believe men are superior to women, and that is not the case. We are all equal. When I watch BDSM videos, I can't help but think about all of the Women Study courses I had in college. It is very low of you to represent us women in this way. He is your master? I just dont understand how this can be in any way powerful to you? You are being owned by a man. You need to deal with your inner self in a different way than this. This will only hurt you in the long run, and honestly I think you are using this as a form of escape.

    It may not seem like it, but men all over the world are saying "yes, smack that bitch in the face - yes pull that bitches hair" this is the type of activity that leads rapists to do the things they do.

    When I saw your picture, I said - wow she is absolutely beautiful! I just cant say the same anymore after seeing what you are into. Really - think about the effect that you have, the message that you are delivering to young girls and men all over the world who think they are the MAN and that is it, women mean nothing - a peace of shit that we can abuse and use as rag dolls.

  6. No Carolina, You clearly DON'T understand her feelings and CERTAINLY have no idea WHY she does this.

    Tell me Carolina, what exactly should Skin do?
    She has very eloquently explained why she feels the way she does and what it does for her. Should she pretend that it doesn't exist? Keep it in the closet so you won't be offended?

    This is HER truth... this is HER journey. Her sexuality has nothing to do with society; it has to do with HER.

    Don't you think it would be a better idea to open a dialog with her and try to learn something instead of just projecting your own fear and blindly lashing out at something you know nothing about? Perhaps ask her for more information; maybe ask "why" she might be into this and "how" it gives her power. It’s perfectly fine for you to not understand or to even think that this is dangerous to women. But attacking isn’t going to help her or more realistically teach YOU anything.

    Dominance and submission, male/female, female/male, male/male, female/female and everything in between can be a beautiful form of communication between consenting adults that is a medium for transcendence.

    There are sick abusive people everywhere in society. Some of them are in BDSM, some of them are priests, some of them are parents etc.

    Safe, sane consensual BDSM is no more a true reflection of what you portray it as, as you are a reflection of all women's study majors. I know quite a few of them who would be enraged that you would deny them their right to be empowered in this way.

    I'm very happy for you Skin! Glad you found someone special.

    Bo Blaze, PCC

  7. @Jonathan-your sarcasm is weak at best. Just because you don't understand something, or agree with it doesn't give you the right to belittle someone for their choices.

    @Carolina-what she is doing to our society, is showing women all over the world that they are in control of their sexuality. BDSM and D/s relationships are something that people go into with more communication than most relationships, and the communication is always there.

    I am very close with Skin and know her very well. We have discussed very intimate things that led her down this path, and I am very aware of what she needs, and doesn't need, to happen to her during play. We are in no means doing anything, but making her a stronger woman. In these relationships, the submissive says what she/he wants to gain from it and the what they are willing to endure, then trusts in her Master to help her get to that point.

    This is the furthest thing from abuse. This is a consensual, power exchange between two people who enjoy what the other person brings to the table.

    @Bo Blaze- very well put, by the way

    The Pope

  8. skin,
    you and I are friends on Fetlife and it is with great joy, I've seen you grow over the last couple of years. Kudos on your collaring by the Pope.



  9. Hi Skin
    I love your movies
    I hope this works out well for you
    Paul, a big fan in South Africa!!!